September 25, 2019

Lever Furniture is a subtle detail in many interior design projects that can often be overlooked or easily dismissed as being just a door handle but it can help to complete the overall look and feel of a room.

One of the essential and functional features of any property is a door, acting as both a divider and an entry point between the communal areas of a property and more private, personal spaces within the property as well as helping to tie together the other design elements of the property, such as the flooring and wallpaper.

Unless your clients want each room to be bespoke and use different types of lever furniture throughout, most will want one type, in order to create a uniform look.

Door Handles or Door Knobs?

One of the main decisions your clients will have to make is whether to go with door handles or door knobs and both come in a variety of different styles, from plain and simple, to modern and minimalist, through to ornate and decorative designs.

Door knobs are more traditional and are a favourite with period properties, whereas door lever handles tend to provide better grip, making it easier to open for people with different levels of strength or for people who may have dexterity issues.


Another key decision is choosing what type of material you would like your lever furniture to be.

The most popular choice is usually a metal, or a metal alloy such as copper, brass or stainless steel. This is because they have quite hard-wearing properties so make them very practical in areas where there could be high wear and tear. Also, to create a rustic feel to period properties, or country cottages, another option can be cast iron handles which is either waxed or painted black or pewter.

Another option is porcelain lever furniture which are suitable mainly for internal doors and are a great low maintenance option. Some people may also want to consider handles which are porcelain combined with gold lines or brass, chrome and bronze fittings which can add a nice decorative touch relatively cheaply.

Then there is of course aluminium, which has long been known as a cost-effective alternative to most materials but it is an amazing material. It is lightweight, readily available and can be manufactured into many different shapes so can be the perfect choice for a budget project. It can also be fully recycled at the end of its life which may be a consideration for clients who are concerned about minimising the environmental impact of their work.

Lever latches or lever locks?

Another consideration is how your lever furniture will keep the door shut – a lever latch is used to hold the door in place when the door is closed completely but is released when the door handle or door knob is pushed down or turned respectively. Whereas, a lever lock is a door which has an actual lock on the inside which may be more appropriate for private areas in the property such as a bedroom or bathroom.

Another option to consider is a new type of lock which is actually known as a “bathroom door handle” which locks as you would expect but has an emergency door release on the outside should it need to be accessed  – which could be helpful in circumstances such as a fire or if your project is for for elderly or disabled people who may be more likely to slip or fall.

At CBS Midlands LTD, we supply an entire range of lever furniture, including door handles and door knobs as well as full door kits with latches and/or locks included so speak to us today to discuss your requirements.